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yo man

2010-03-17 21:16:39 by codythafox


well thats that. the end

2009-07-24 19:16:19 by codythafox

well its official, the musical side of me is officially dead. so dont expect to much new to be on here in the future. as for me, im gonna try to see if i can find a new talent. one that wont die off. i might sneak a peak back here every now and then but thats pretty much it.

well it was fun while it lasted. look me up on myspace if you wanna.


long absense...again

2009-07-19 21:32:10 by codythafox

its getting down to that time again, and by time i mean school time. chances are i wont be on, i might sneak i little peak every now and then if i dont get caught. either way dont expect to much from me in the futrue, (as if their was anything to expect, and then again as if their was anyone who cared)

logo.. out the window

2009-07-10 01:25:20 by codythafox

ok this really pisses me off.

ok heres the core. i have a drawr in my desk (yes i do have a desk) tht i keep a buncha stuff that i either write down, draw, or think up. i do this becaus i have not so good memory so i tend to forget things very easily, thus the cabinet found its perpose, to fish stuff out of when i got no idea what to do.

and there came the fox, ya you know th one i use as my logo, while fishing around down there for some tabs i could use in a song. i write the tabs when i dont have access to a cpu, that was back when i was running fl5 off of a flashdrive. then i would get home and put them in the drawr and either A, get them back out when i get on a cpu, or B, forget about the whole thing. well anyway i came across the fox in my creative drawr, i didnt remember putting it their, but then again i didnt remember half the things i put in their. so i decided to use it as my logo.

i scanned it for i couldnt find the original file. then put it on newgrounds. and it fit perfectly. i did many improvements of it, from the name added, then the gold and smoky, the the 3d gold bar wich was recently done. and i loved it and thought myself as a genious for thinking it up.

then one day i posted a news article on it, and somone commented on it saying this looks offly familiar, enjoy your 24 hours of free time or something like that. i didnt know wtf he ment and i didnt know how he could have seen it before for i only posted it on my newgrounds. and i thought, did he mean 24 hours till im banded or something.

i looked it up on google using different names, but after awhile i found my logo...except it wasnt my logo.. someone eles had made it.

and i simply said to myself... WTF WAS THIS DOING IN MY DRAWR!!.

i thought it was mine, cause it was in my drawr, but it wasnt, and idk how it ended up in my drawr.
from now on i will try hard to be careul while putting stuff in my drawr.

anyway, since it wasnt mines, im putting it away... i wish i had made it though, it was perfect.

say goodbye to good ole foxy, we knew him well....

logo update...

2009-07-08 13:59:41 by codythafox

not that anyone really notices but i updated my logo. its actually been up there for awhile. instead of the original gold one where it was just a tiled flat texture, this one is not tiled an it pops out like a gold bar. the name text wasnt really that hard, but my cute fox was. yeah so, i called it cute big whoop wanna fight about it...thats what i though



2009-07-04 14:12:18 by codythafox

Everybodys going to the party have a real good time. Dancing in the desert blowing up the good sunshine. BLASTOFF!!!!!!

On The Subject Of News

2009-06-25 17:34:27 by codythafox

the meaning of news is to inform the peaple

but if their arent any other peaple to inform what is news for

to inform oneself of events even though tecnically your not informing yourself due to the fact that you already know it

well that doesnt make it news, that just makes it a reminder.

so without other peaple to inform news cant really exist.

and then again if news is informing someone of something then isnt he or she learning about that somthing.

and if informing someone of something which is news is also the same as learning about something... doesnt that mean that learning cant exist.

and if learning cant exist, niether can knowlede... to a dregree of course, you can learn common sense, but all other objects of knowledge wouldnt exist.

they wouldnt exist because it would all require human input, such as riding a bike. it required a person to make the bike didnt it.

it also required a person to write all the literature we read from to learn.

of course theres probably some person reading this. or not. or maybe thy are, or maybe there never was. thinking why could they just make a bike or write a book.

well first of all someone invented the bike and so forth peaple learned how he made it and if their werent other peaple then those peaple who made them didnt exist and niether did the inventer

hensesforth you couldnt make a bike for the idea was never thought up.

same goes for literature, someone had to invent a language. and im sure your thinking that you could invent your own. but you couldnt, because the idea would never exist.

and the idea would never exist, because there wouldnt be other peaple

and because there would be no other peaple, there wouldnt be any language.

because thats what a language is, a tool to comunicate with otrher peaple, or animals, whichever bit of madness you lurk in i guess decides that

and last but not least, if you do manage to make something that aids you in anyway without other peaple with sticks and leaves, guess what, that still has nothing to do with the subject of news obviously, your just inventing. and you cant tell others of your invention because theres no news

and thats because theres no other peaple!

lay that one on your mind and let it soak. haa haa haaa!!!

I am the prince of madness. or not, or maybe i am. i guess it depends on you perception of madness,or not, or maybe so. BOING

Profile pics updates and Project Parady Updates

2009-06-24 18:44:25 by codythafox

ok just finnished editing new versions of my names and cute little fox, now instead of them being flat tiled gold, there all 3D high Quality gold. just though ill let that out there, it makes me fell special lol

ok now the real news, the F.E.A.R parady will from now on be reffered to as Project Parady. One reason is because it will allow me to talk about it without giving out its name and details. Another reason is because i cant find a better project name. (the guy who makes all the fancy code names is on vacation lol). ok anyway time for updates

1 - 1st Draft of Script Finnished. (and no i didnt write it over night)
2 - Voice Recording delayed until my parents take me out to get a microphone.
3 - MOVIE POSTER FINNISHED!!!! but your not gonna get to see it yet. heh heh heh
4 - Still scouting out for a flash animater who animates the way i wish for Project Parady to be animated. (will not pick until early stages of the project are complete which should take awhile)
5 - Still scouting out for tracks i can use. need something for menu music and an epic track.

thats it for now

toodles : P

ok not quit, but big break

2009-06-23 21:37:52 by codythafox

ok im not gonna quit, but i am gonna take a really long break from music,and i mean really long

gonna start tryin other things. gonna get a midi keyboard and microphone tomorrow and gonna get a cpu on my b-day. gonna try my hand at voice acting a bit to see if im any good.

working on a current project. not gonna give out many details but its a parady of F.E.A.R. will be looking for an animater after script, voice acting, storyline, and storyboard are done (im still no good at flash)

This is CodythaFox sayin over and out :P

giving up

2009-06-07 20:09:31 by codythafox

i quit.......